My Approach

A place to turn when remaining the same is no longer enough

I’m here to guide you to your own answers, not tell you what to do.

That’s why our focus is always on YOUR abilities, not mine. Rather than growing dependent on me or my methods, you become self-reliant, confident, calm, and congruent. My goal is for you to operate without my assistance whenever possible.

My hope and deepest desire is for you to:

  • Transcend into alignment and live fully in your individual truth.
  • Attain peaceful acceptance of all that is sacred.
  • Come to a place that is beyond the overwhelm of everyday life, where you remember the reason why you are here and your connection to Divine Source.

About Our Work Together…

I say “our work” because you will put in as much effort as I do, usually more. My part is to help focus your efforts so they are fruitful.

Much of our work will empower you to use the intuitive senses already present in your body.

(Please see the sidebar.)

I employ two core modalities:

  1. An intuitive reading that results in a Life Blueprint;
  2. Exploring chakras, archetypes, and your Sacred Contract (why you are here and aspects of your destiny). This work helps you differentiate between actions that are ego-driven and those that are motivated by your soul. Over time you move from having an unconscious existence to a conscious experience of life. By letting go and not trying to force things to happen, you begin to recognize the symbolism behind events in your life. With less judgment over good/bad or pleasant/unpleasant, you begin to see how everything in your life has value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will you advise me and help me make decisions? Can you tell me what to do next?
A: I will not make decisions for you, nor advise you in any way on which decisions you should be making. However, I can coach you by asking the right questions that may help you arrive at these conclusions on your own.

Q: Where does the information come from during my intuitive reading?
A: I will be engaging with your Soul’s life plan and purpose. The more open you are, meaning little or no fear, more will be revealed to us through accessing your spiritual guide, deities, angels, and your soul’s journey. We are requesting only practical information for you to use today, in the here and now, and to assist with revealing patterns that may be keeping you from connecting to the Divine.

Q: Can this kind of work really be effective by phone?
A: Absolutely! Ninety-nine percent of my work is done by phone, in the comfort of your office or home. This is actually beneficial, because energy is energy, and there are no barriers other than your fear. Being at ease in a relaxing environment of your own choosing will help foster our work.