Intuitive Readings

A personalized Life Blueprint - your guide for moving forward

Are you wondering, “What is my life purpose?”
An intuitive reading can help you find the answer.

An intuitive reading often results in a profound shift in your perception. It allows you to recognize yourself as inherently whole, perfectly suited to experience and learn from the life you are now living. All of my coaching work with individuals begins with an intuitive reading, but readings are also available as a separate service.

What is an Intuitive Reading?

During this one-on-one session I tap into the underlying energetic blueprint of your life – your soul’s journey.

I realize that may sound a little esoteric, but this is one area where words do not adequately describe my work.

Let’s just say that, if you were standing on a flat grid with lines criss-crossing in various directions, the intuitive reading allows me to see exactly which lines converge and intersect with where you are in your life right now. These include past causes and effects, energetic patterns and character traits that you exhibit, plus archetypes that influence your behavior and thinking.

What you are questioning is more important than where the information feeds from. These methods work regardless of your religion, spirituality, or beliefs. I am not here to change those, and I am very respectful of each person’s belief system.

During the reading I give you feedback on what I am sensing through my various intuitive abilities. You are encouraged to take notes as it unfolds. At the end of the reading you can ask any questions that may have come up.

How does a Life Blueprint help?

For Coaching and Legacy Work, the reading provides a Life Blueprint or Roadmap that guides our work together. The Life Blueprint helps you select 3 to 5 aspects of your life that you would like to work on.

Think of it this way: let’s say your life is a building. Over the years it has undergone numerous makeovers, renovations, and maybe some seismic retrofitting. Perhaps rooms have been added, walls moved, doorways plastered over, and stairways installed or moved. There might be a cracked wall that was hastily covered with wallpaper rather than repaired. However, none of this was recorded in the blueprint you have on file. Or was it?

The intuitive reading lets us understand the causes and conditions in your life. It’s like seeing what’s behind a wall, without the need to tear it down just to peer inside. It helps you understand what changes you may want to make in your life and where to begin.

Chances are, the aspects of your life that are giving you the most difficulty today are exactly what you have come here to work on. Your Life Blueprint can help you understand those and get started, confident that you are beginning in the right place.

Schedule a Reading

If you are interested in an intuitive reading (separate from Coaching or Legacy Work), please contact me directly to discuss your interest.