Legacy Work

What will be your legacy when you are gone?

When you are approaching a transition or the end of life, coaching allows you to bear witness to your life, bring your legacy into focus, and convey your wisdom.

One of our highest spiritual needs is to contribute. This reflects our deep desire to make a difference. Legacy work allows you to observe and understand, just as your soul does, the difference you have been making all along.

Awakening to Time

Our desire to clarify and celebrate our contribution can awaken at any age or phase in life. Often the awakening is triggered by a sense that our own time is finite. Triggers may include:

  • The Birth of a Child
  • Midlife
  • Empty Nest
  • Retirement
  • The Golden Years
  • A Terminal Illness

It can be any transition that calls you to tell your story: the stages of life that are marked by beginnings and endings… and all that unfolds in between. Gaining perspective on how you are leaving the world a better place is a rare opportunity. Legacy work allows you to evaluate and record what you discover. When we honor the past we open ourselves to embark on the new.

What Gifts Remain to be Given?

Recording the truth of your life, infused with your values and insights, creates an inspired gift for the ones you love. This can be expressed as:

  • Written letters to loved ones
  • Taped narrative
  • Written story
  • Video interview
  • In-person dialogue to be seen and heard

The Experience

Legacy work is directed by your desired outcomes. It starts by helping you think clearly about what you would like from our sessions. Outline questions serve as a guide, as well as phone and email support throughout the process. Our interaction together is most often by phone. Remember, time and distance pose no barriers to one’s source, spirit guide, angels, or whatever name we use for that which informs us.

Not just a session, legacy work is an enriching experience. Engagements are offered as packages of 3, 5 or 10 hours. Additional time is available on an hourly basis as requested.

The experience begins with creating a safe and tranquil space that is highly conducive to unfolding your story. Coaching, guidance, and support are provided throughout, as you move toward your desired outcomes. Others may or may not be present based on your wishes.

"What Will be My Legacy?"

End of life coaching can provide clarity to your purpose, bringing tranquility to your life journey. It is an aspect of my work that I am profoundly honored to engage in. Please contact me directly to discuss your interest in legacy work.