About Kendra Goheen

Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director, and Certified Life Coach

Answering a lifelong calling to heal, Kendra uses her intuitive skills and formal training as a certified life coach and intuitive guide. Her mastery in multiple healing modalities guides people to a place of clarity, purpose, empowerment, and self-love.

Kendra Goheen is now in her second decade of working with masters of the metaphysical realm. This journey has allowed her to refine and strengthen her own abilities of clairsentience (clear feeling), clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairaudience (clear hearing).

"I was 16 when I discovered quite unexpectedly that God wanted to have conversations with me," recalls Kendra. "An actual voice speaking to me filled me with a calm realization that everything I would ever encounter in my life, including each difficulty, was a necessary experience."

Only later in life did she discover that life coaching, spiritual directing, and other healing modalities existed that would help her share these gifts. Her training includes:

  • Certified Life Coach – The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • Archetypal Consultant – Caroline Myss Education Institute (CMED)
  • Master of Reiki
  • Intuitive Guide and Six Sensory Practitioner – Sonia Choquette
  • Teacher of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner – JSJ Inc.

For more than a dozen years clients have turned to Kendra to help identify their true life passions, gifts, and purpose. They discover within themselves an ability to overcome challenges with self-esteem, to find personal balance and harmony, and to optimize the quality of their lives.

"Synchronicity of heart, mind, and spirit is a gift available to us all," says Kendra. "Once received it frees us to explore and manifest the limitless possibilities of our lives." To this end, her purpose is to help guide people to contemplate the energies of life, love, beauty, and compassion.

"The greatest gift I receive from my clients," she smiles, "is being present when they start enjoying the process of their life and truly feel a shift in their awareness. It fills me with joy!"
Kendra offers private sessions and workshops for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Kendra lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her family and is currently working on a book about self-discovery and rebirth of the spirit. Numerous trips to the desert to refocus her energy have instilled in Kendra a passion and longing for truth in all things. In nature, she discovers creation, and in creation, harmony -- where heart, mind and spirit become one.


What Clients Are Saying…

I knew as soon as I met Kendra I was with a true healer. I was struggling with depression, guilt, and resentment about how my family responsibilities held no joy for me. Because I kept these negative thoughts inside, I was physically and spiritually unwell. I had no idea how to help myself, without hurting the people I loved. I lived in fear.

Kendra’s calm presence was completely non-judgmental. After just a few sessions with Kendra, I realized that I had created most of the fear myself. I was too worried about my husband’s feelings, and I had stopped honoring myself.

My experience with Kendra was soul changing. She helped me to find and listen to my own voice. Within months of working with Kendra, I started speaking up for myself to my husband and my children. I stopped saying yes to things I did not want to do.

As a result of speaking up and listening to my own needs, I no longer over commit myself and leave situations feeling resentful and guilty because I only did them because someone asked me to. I truly feel that Kendra's gifts helped to save me and my family from a divorce."

Gwen Austin
Frederick, Maryland

When I sought Kendra’s services, I was looking for some type of clarity; of what, I was not certain. My life is good. I consider myself fortunate.

The information she provided me in one hour was not only clarifying but deeply soul satisfying. As a result of my time with Kendra, I had specific tools and action I applied immediately for additional success and peace in my work, my soul’s purpose, and most importantly in my relationships with myself and those I love the most.

Perhaps the biggest gift I received was the profound sense of peace and calm that settled upon me. It was as if Kendra had known me for centuries. As a driver to results, I was used to urgently making things happen, working to the future. The information I received was so specific it helped me shift into a profound sense of peace, being able to gently settle into living in the current moment.

Kendra surpassed my expectations. She was the nudge I needed to return me to my natural life flow—even when I didn’t know I was out of it.

Kendra is a premium choice among master intuitives. Her work is a gift everyone should give themselves on their journey to fulfillment and happiness."

Rita Hyland
Business & Life Coach, Chicago

Kendra has a strong intuitive sense and is a great teacher and an excellent coach.

I came to Kendra for coaching because I felt like I could be more and do more, but wasn't confident in many situations to express my true self. Through our coaching I have learned more about myself and how I can move to a more symbolic level of living. I have identified issues in my life that were preventing me from accomplishing my dreams and have worked to remove those obstacles. I have loved learning about my archetypes and identifying them in others. In the past I had suppressed my strong archetypes because I didn't want to make others feel uncomfortable around me. Now I know that I am doing as much a disservice to myself as to others in doing so.

This has been a journey of awakening a passion within me to reach my highest potential. My business has exploded and my relationships are more authentic. If you feel like there is more to you and what you can do, Kendra will provide you with the tools and coaching to get you there."

St. Paul, Minnesota

I had been devoted to my employer for 13 years when new management shifted the overall ethics of my company and I chose to leave the toxic culture that resulted. Kendra helped me work on determining my core values that I still draw upon and reflect on every day.

It’s amazing how understanding the essence of who you are helps make sense of how and why you live the life you’re living. Kendra introduced me to Sacred Contract, Chakras, Archetypes, the Chart of Origin and how they work together. Her workshops are a great opportunity to meet ‘like kind’ people and share the adventures and winding roads of our lives.

Kendra’s energy is empowering… I always have renewed energy after our sessions and she has become a necessary part of my life’s journey. As a life coach she asks questions that prompt the search for the truth, to peel back the layers of the onion until you get to the core of what the issue really is and then makes the truth not so scary to embrace. Finding the truth is the hard part; knowing the truth is the ‘ah ha’ moment."

Karen Parks

When I first contacted Kendra I was once again in place of constant internal fear and apprehension of being safe or belonging. On the outside one would have seen a successful adult, career, and family man. On the inside there was a reality of feeling strongly disconnected from others and more importantly, from myself. I was at a crossroads. Do I break out of this pattern or not? Can I return home to myself, live fearlessly, and with great heart? I knew intuitively the solution was spiritual, and I sensed Kendra was there to help me.

Kendra helped me see how I had strong light already, a divine connection, but that I was confusing myself by trying to understand everything. 'You need to get out of your head!' she once told me. She said I had a choice to trust in love, in the Divine, or keep living in my head, my logical rational self. I would need to give up my right to myself and to surrender to God’s will, making that choice over and over many times each day, but with doing so, I would have what I desired.

As a result I have learned how to embrace and honor my own self, my own light, I have learned to name what I am afraid of, where I am feeling that in my body and pay attention to what triggered it. Doing this has helped me move from the logical to the spiritual world.

With Kendra’s humor, skill, knowledge, and heartfelt support I now experience a deep sense of peace, an awakening joy, and a personal power never before experienced. I have learned the source of life is within my soul, my heart. I have experienced the grace of God and have arrived home, a place I thought I was not meant to be."

John McMahon