Explore Sacred Contracts, Vibrational Energy, Healing, Chakras, Intuition, and more

Interactive exploration that takes you within… and beyond.

Each workshop is conducted in an atmosphere of co-activity. Participants are encouraged to engage, interact, and ask questions.

Sacred Contracts – Level 1

(Pre-requisite: Read Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss)

Session 1: Introduction to the Journey: Sacred Contracts; Energy and Vibration; and Archetypes, (Choose your natal archetypes.)

Session 2: Discover your Sacred Contract: Choose and Evaluate Archetype Companions; Overview of the Wheel and Houses

Session 3: Cast and Interpret Chart of Origin

Session 4: Understand more deeply Your Chart of Origin: Cast Your Intuition; Cast Chart Around Specific Questions

Sacred Contracts – Level 2

(Pre-requisite: read Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss and completion of level 1)

Session 1: Introduction to Karios and Cosmic: Your Fate and Destiny Map and the Bridge in Between; Cast Chart on New Questions

Additional One-Day Workshops

Manifesting and Co-Creating in Your Life
Discover, in this introduction, Vibrational Medicine, Energy, and Healing Within. Vision Boards are a part of this workshop.

From Intuition to Mysticism
Explore how we bring ourselves into alignment with our body, spirit, and intuition. We do this through the methods of Symbology, Three Column Theory, Listening, and Interpreting Messages.

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